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Friday, January 24, 2020

Republic Day Anchoring Script 2022

Well, republic day is here and you are searching for republic day anchoring script as you will be the anchor of the show or the Republic Day event. Below we have completed 26 January republic day anchoring script for the year 2021. Happy republic day.

Republic day anchoring script
Republic day anchoring script

A very good morning respected chief guest, principal, vice-principal and all other presents this morning/evening/afternoon in this hall.

Today is a very special day for all my Indian brothers and sisters. We have gathered today here in this hall to celebrate the very special and proud day of our country. Today is the republic day. The is celebrated every year on this day that is 26 January.

Before we move on let me share with you some valuable information with you all about our nation and the Republic Day. Republic day is celebrated every year on 26 January. Republic day is celebrated to honour the date on which the constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950. The constitution of India replaces the government of India act of 1935. The constitution of India is the longest democracy in the world consisting of 397 articles and 12 schedules.

On this day the brave hero's of our nation are rewarded with bravery awards like Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan. We the Indian celebrate republic day on 26 January to show our loyalty and respect towards our nation India.

# Lamp Enlightening Event

I would like to request our honourable chief guest and principal on stage to do the honour.

Light is a symbol of truth and knowledge. Let us all move towards the light and brightness. Let us not fall into the dark trap of life. I would like to thank the dignitaries on stage.

# Flag hoisting Event

I would like to request everyone to clap and salute to our flag. It's a day of proud.

# Cultural Song Performance

Now I would like to invite our school choir group on stage for the cultural song.

# After the cultural song performance

Well, it was a wonderful performance by our school choir group. I know that song gave Nusbaum to you all. The choir group deserve a huge round of clap for the awesome performance. A once again a huge round of applause for the cultural song.

# Cultural Dance performance

Let's all invited our school ground dancers for the upcoming dance performance. Let's welcome them on stage with a huge round of applause.

# After the Performance

Wow wow wow !!! I'm speechless now after witnessing the dance performance. Don't you think it was awesome and wonderful to witness such an entertaining and patriotic dance performance on stage? After watching their dance I'm even more proud of my nation. Let have a big round of clap for all the dancers.

# Speech by Chief Guest

Now it time for us to hear some knowledgeable words from our honourable chief guest. Let everyone clap for our chief guest and welcome him/her on stage.

Thank you, honourable chief guest, for your wonderful speech. I know after your beautiful speech everyone in this hall feeling proud of our nation.

A huge round of applause for our honourable chief guest Mr Xyz or Miss. Xyz.

# Speech by Principal

Now I will like to invite our school principal on stage.

Let have a huge round of clap for our principal.

# Other activities

Depending on your school and society. Your program might have other activities like dance, singing or award given. You can follow up as per the needs of the time as you are the anchor of the program or the host of the program.

At the end shout out Loud with the audience saying Vande Mataram....!

# Concluding the event

The day had been wonderful. I don't think there is any better way to spend the proud day of our nation. I thank you all in this hall who have gathered here from different society and groups. A huge round of clap for all. With this, we end the day here.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat...! 

***Second Republic Day Anchoring Script***

Good Morning revered Chief Guest one , Principal one, VP 1, head one , and every one alternative gift within the gathering here.

Today may be a terribly auspicious day. Today , we tend to all square measure gathered here to celebrated the proud day for Asian nation, The Republic Day of Asian nation.

Before we start, let American state offer you some valuable data regarding Republic Day. these days is widely known on Jan twenty six per annum to administer honour to the longest constitution of the most important democracy within the World. This occasion marks the ultranationalistic spirit inside North American nation and encourages North American nation to be loyal and respectful towards our nation.

This occasion not solely celebrates the constitution of Asian nation however conjointly awards the varied meriting heroes of our nation with bravery awards. with the exception of that gems of our nation receive Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan , Padma Bhushan.

Lamp enlightening event

I request Chief Guest one, Principal one to return on stage and do the honours.

While enlightening event

Light is image of truth, data and understanding. Darkness is that the absence of sunshine. This lightning ceremony conjointly relates to life. we should always request data and truth and absent ourselves from falling into the dark entice of life. i'd impart the dignitaries on stage

Flag hoisting event

I would prefer to event the dignitaries to commemorate the flag hoisting event.

I request all to try to to a beautiful clap and salute to the flag.

Cultural Song Performance

We would prefer to invite faculty|our faculty} songs group/ choir group/ college society to entertain the audience with their extraordinary performance.

After performance concludes

Lets have the hugest spherical of commendation for the XYZ cluster. They sure enough place large indefinite amount of efforts to entertain North American nation. They be this commendation. Once again, will we've got applause?

Cultural Dance Performance

We would prefer to invite our college dance group/choir group/college society/ to enthuse the audience with ultranationalistic spirit. Lets encourage them

After cultural dance concludes

WoW!! i'm wanting words to explain however eager and energetic that performance was.!! it had been simply sensible. This performance makes American state feel happy with our country even a lot of.

Cultural playacting performance

Drama is Associate in Nursing sort. Drama fills our mind , purifies our mind and makes North American nation a lot of attentive to our surroundings. allow us to welcome our playacting group/drama society with a hugest spherical of commendation. This drama can sure enough create North American nation a lot of happy with our country and can sure enough develop a way of fraternity and brotherhood amongst North American nation.

After the playacting concludes

Oh My God!!! What a playacting by XYZ group! Guys, hats off!!! This playacting sure enough created North American nation recall regarding our wonderful past , the wonder of this country and sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. This has created American state control my head higher with a lot of proud and respect.

Vande Mataram

The audience cheers out!! (3 times)

If some sport event is additionally organized

We have athletes, sportsperson and juvenile person lined up for our crazy event. Oh my god, see however excited they're.. I request all to relish the sports event on , whereas I request the audience to grab their chairs and entertain themselves.

If some Alumni Meet is additionally organized

People leave reminiscences after they leave a home. The place wherever they spent few long unforgettable years of their life, remains now not simply an area, however it conjointly becomes a next home for them. Well you only guessed it right, these square measure our ALUMNIs. Lets welcome our alumni-s. Audience cheers and applauds

Concluding the event

Oh!! What on a daily basis it was!! Republic Day couldn't are spent better!! On this auspicious occasion, we tend to all gathered and enjoyed our hearts out.. many thanks being here and that i would love our Chief Guest to mention some words

Chief Guest addresses the audience

So above we have provided you with 2 separate and different republic day anchoring script for 2021. You can also download the pdf  Hope you like this 26 January anchoring script. Do let us know in comment what you feel about the script. You can actually modify the above script as per your republic day program or school program. For anchoring script you can check out apneweb.  You can also check out republic day quotes, republic day Rangoli designs, republic day hd wallpaper, republic day speech in different languages. 

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