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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Happy Women Day images, pictures & Hd wallpapers

Happy Women Day images, pictures & HD wallpapers: Women’s day is a day which is celebrated every year with lots of sims all over the world. A woman plays many roles at a time. On women’s day in many areas, there are lots of events and function is arranged every year to give them an owner. On this day, women empowerment is focused. Celebrity is invited in tv shows to encourage the women empowerment and encourage those people who think that women are nothing and they do not play any role in the system.

A woman is everything in this world and a boon for life without a mother a man can not take birth on the earth. We can not define women in a word before sometimes women were able to do outside work but now with technology women are also enhancing and progressing. A woman can be a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend with that she also manages outside work like she can be an engineer, teacher and many more. So women are multitasking it means with household she can do their outside work.

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In many areas there is no access for women to give a vote or being women is still a challenge because their parent thinks them like a burden. In many areas getting an education for women is still the challenge because their family garden thinks that education is not for women and girls. In some area, women married at early ages. so women day is to improve women education and finish gender partiality.

Happy Women day images for Facebook:

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