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Sunday, January 12, 2020

When is women’s day celebrated & why women’s day is celebrated?

When Women’s Day is celebrated & why women’s day is celebrated?: Hi, friends happy women’s day to you all. Every year women’s day or international women’s day is celebrated all over the world in huge scale on 8th march. Woman day is all dedicated to women.

If we talk about women so women play an important role in our society. A women can be a mother or sister, friend, wife and if talk modern world so now women play an equal role like men.
When is women's day why women day celebrated

Now woman is an entrepreneur, engineer,our,teacher and scientist so if we define women in a word is multitasking because now with a house they also managing their work field.

Women’s day is for women empowerment and encouraging those women who are still facing a problem and on this day that celebrity, or those who are big fry in their work field have given honour.

In some area, there are some events organized where all big fry take part. In many area and the country still being a woman is a problem still people are doing partiality between a girl and boy so this day is for those who think that women are weak.

When is Women’s day celebrated in the world?:

Every year women day is celebrated or international women day is celebrated on 8th march every year world. All over the world, it is celebrated with lots of vim and excitement.

Why women’s day is celebrated?:

Happy Woman day is celebrated every year because this day is a special day which is dedicated to women. This day is celebrated because what women had done in history and their achievement and their achievement for a nation.

Women’s day Importance and Origin:

If we talk about women day’s importance all over the world so it is needed because before sometimes women were very bad condition and every woman have right or access for their own rights so this day is a tribute to all women who had proved their self and also for them who are still proving their self. The first women day was celebrated on 19th march,1911 after that it was a shift to 8th march it was a success in Denmark. You can also check out women day quotes

Women day date in 2020:

Women day date in 2020 is the 8th march. So guys make feel special every woman in your life.

Hope that this information is beneficial for you and stay connected with us. Happy Women Day 2020. Below you can check out more articles and post about women day like happy women's day wishes, happy women's day quotes, happy women's day images, happy women's day hd wallpaper etc.

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